Show Rules

Please read these show rules carefully. Entry in any Equistar show indicates acknowledgement and acceptance of these rules.
  • In any dispute Equistar show management's decision is final. Equistar reserves the final and absolute right to interpret all rules and regulations, arbitrarily settle and determine all matters, questions and differences in regard to or arising out of or connected to any Equistar show, and the right to amend or to add to these rules as it is determined necessary. Any exhibitor who violates these rules will forfeit all entry fees, privileges, premiums and awards, and Equistar shall have the full power to exclude the violator from further participation in the show and/or future Equistar shows.
  • Equistar reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason; to accept, reject, or cancel any entry; and, to limit entries.
  • Equistar reserves the right to add, cancel, or consolidate classes; and/or cancel shows at any time and for any reason. Clarification: Equistar management reserves the right to cancel shows at any time before or during a show due to extenuating circumstances such as inclement weather. Shows canceled for inclement weather will not be re-scheduled.
  • No competition numbers shall be released by the Show Office until the Entry Form is complete and all necessary paperwork has been provided. A signed open check or Driver's License MUST be left with the Show Office for fees accrued during the show. Please remember to close out your account before you leave the show grounds. You may pay by cash or check payable to Elemental Farms LLC.
  • Each entry is judged to its breed standards to the best of the judge's ability. Equistar shows are designed to be both competitive and educational, therefore, it is Equistar policy that entries are not disqualified unless the animal, exhibitor (or individual associated with the exhibitor) or tack present a danger. Rather, the judge will place the entry lower and inform the exhibitor as to the infraction. It is within the absolute authority of Equistar management and the judge to implement this policy. Also, it is Equistar policy to be inclusive where possible. Donkeys and mules are permitted in any all-breed class in which they can perform the requisite gaits. Gaited horses are permitted in any all-breed class and may perform their intermediate gait where the trot/jog is called for- they must perform the canter/lope if required.
  • The reputation and ability of a judge is considered during the selection process. Judges may explain their placings. This is part of the educational process which assists exhibitors to improve their performance and breeders to improve their stock. The decisions of the judges are final. Equistar accepts no responsibility for decisions of the judges. Judges have the discretion to excuse any horse that appears sored or lame.
  • Exhibitors are hereby notified that any unethical, discourteous, or unsafe act by them, their riders, drivers, handlers, grooms, trainers, invitees or agents shall disqualify their entry and the owner shall forfeit any fees or charges as well as prizes/money which he or she may have won at that show. WITHOUT BEING HELD LIABLE FOR DAMAGE OF ANY KIND, Equistar shall have the full power to exclude the offending individual(s) from further participation in the show and/or future EQUISTAR shows, and to have the individual(s) removed from the grounds. THIS SHALL BE ACCEPTED AS A CONDITION OF ENTRY.
  • All adds, scratches, and changes should be made at the Show Office at least one class prior to the effective add, scratch, or change.
  • A novice horse is a horse that has won fewer than 3 blue ribbons at any show (a show does not count if the horse was the only entry in the class); a novice rider is a rider who has won fewer than 3 blue ribbons (again, a show does not count if the rider was the only entry in the class). A Rookie is in their first or second year of showing. This is on the honor system.
  • There will be a $50 service fee charged on all returned checks. No check will be processed through the bank a second time and must be covered by a money order, cashier’s check or cash, in addition to the service fee. NO REFUNDS.
  • No alcohol and no dogs permitted on the show grounds.
  • It is up to the exhibitor to ensure that they are entered in the correct class.
  • Helmets are required. If you are 18 years or older, you may make the helmet requirement optional by signing the helmet waiver on the entry form. Helmets are required for jumping.
  • For safety, headers will be permitted in all Equistar driving classes.
  • Wire wheels are permitted in all Equistar driving classes.
  • Upon entering the arena, participant accepts arena conditions, including footing.
  • Equistar reserves the right to use any and all photographs and films taken during any Equistar show. Exhibitor hereby agrees to Equistar’s use of his/her image and likeness and that of his/her animal for publicity and advertising purposes..
  • To be eligible for points, the exhibitor must complete the class.
  • For classes eligible for year end or high point awards, points will be awarded based upon the number of entries in the class.
Equistar Management